Surprising Health Benefits of Parsley Tea

As a well known herb that has been utilized for centuries, parsley is one of the first herbs we turn to when it comes time to flavoring soups, stews, and sauces.

The leaves are often used as a festive garnish, or thrown into salads to spice up your normal assortment of greens. Aside from the taste, this herb contains many nutrients, vitamins, as well as an assortment of antioxidants that can help strengthen both your body and your health.

In addition, the natural nutritional makeup of parsley helps make it one of the top “super foods” that you can buy, since it is rich in beta carotene, helpful fatty acids, vitamin C, B12, and chlorophyll. These help improve your general energy levels and sense of vitality.

Parsley Tea – A Helpful Herbal Brew

Aside from culinary purposes, there is another way to use the power of parsley. In most cases, parsley tea is made from the dried leaves of the parsley plant. It is brewed as a tea, both for the act of enjoying its flavor as well as in obtaining the numerous health benefits that are present within this common herb. Some of the many benefits that can be derived from drinking parsley tea are the aid of digestion, cleansing of the kidneys, and the flushing of excess toxins and water weight from the system, while simultaneously giving a burst of energy.
Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Parsley tea can be a great, all natural way to help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. If this herbal tea is taken regularly over time, it will help to bring down blood pressure levels as well as protect you from ailments such as heart disease as well as cancer. This is due to the antioxidants that can be found in the tea, which help to benefit and aid these specific problems.


Drinking parsley tea can also help reduce inflammation due to its content of vitamin C. This can be useful in the treatment of a number of different health problems, including arthritis and rheumatic pains. Not only can it help ease pains related to these afflictions, there are many studies that show there is a chance that it can also help prevent them. The presence of vitamin C also make this tea effective in absorbing more iron into the body which can also be a great benefit for many people who are lacking in it.

Detoxifies & Enriches

Another great benefit to drinking parsley tea is that its many nutrients and antioxidants can help detoxify the body, repair and strengthen cells in the body, and can also help enrich health over all. The high level of chlorophyll in parsley is also beneficial since this can also help by getting rid of potentially disrupting micro-organisms in the body. Parsley also contains vitamins A, C, as well as minerals such as iron and potassium which makes parsley tea a great health booster as well.

How Parsley Tea Helps to Induce Period

Parsley leaf tea is effective in treating women who deal with menstrual irregularities through its role as an emmenagogue. The volatile oils in parsley leaf tea can induce the occurrence of a period or menstruation in women. These oils stimulate the blood flow in the uterus and help to soothe the cervix, which can help it to dilate and encourage the onset of a period.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Parsley Tea

Directions: To prepare parsley tea, take one teabag and steep it into a cup of hot water for 6 to 8 minutes. The tea can be sweetened afterwards with sugar or honey and a little milk can be added for taste as well if preferred. It is not recommended to drink parsley tea if you are suffering from kidney disorders or if you are pregnant or nursing. To properly gain the benefits of parsley tea it is best to drink it regularly over the course of a couple months so it has a proper amount of time to work through and heal the body.

These benefits are only a few of much more that can be offered to those that drink parsley tea. Some other specific benefits that have been linked to the consumption of parsley tea include the treatment of anemia, getting rid of diarrhea, dissolving gallstones or kidney stones, fighting fatigue, and helping alleviate menstrual pains or menopause symptoms. If you find that you may be able to benefit from parsley tea, it may be worth your while to give this healthy drink a try.

We truly hope you’ve been able to find this article able to answer any questions you may have in regards to parsley tea, but if you have any lingering inquiries you can contact us for further information. If you’d like to give parsley tea a try it can be found locally through some health food stores. Alternatively you can also purchase parsley tea on the internet from online merchants, though take care to be sure you are purchasing from reliable sellers that you can trust. We recommend Buddha Teas as a great option from which to purchase all natural, organic teas since you can be assured that you’ll receive your tea in bleach-free teabags. This will allow you to fully enjoy the tea in its best form without the added worry of unwelcome chemicals in your brew.

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